Clinical Integration for Connected Care

To attain better patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies, it's critical that physicians have fast, secure access to patient information. Through Path4's intuitive interface, clinicians can quickly order and view pathology results online, as well as access the imaging data at a later date for reference. The cloud-based clinical integration solution enables physicians to easily identify biopsy locations on organ images via 'drag and drop' functionality and automatically generates labels with locations noted before securely transferring the data to the pathology lab.

With Path4 ability to track patient progress and response to treatment, clinicians gain yet another tool to help achieve collaborative care and evidence-based medicine.

Clinical Data Interoperability

All 4medica clinical data exchange solutions – including Path4 – are fully interoperable with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management software, laboratory information systems and other key health information systems.

For physicians, hospitals, imaging centers and care delivery organizations with existing EHR connectivity, Path4 supplies the missing pathology connectivity to ensure comprehensive health information exchange. For those facilities without health connectivity, Path4 can be deployed as part of 4medica's comprehensive iEHR platform.

Meaningful Use with Health Information Exchange
Committed to the vision of meaningful use, 4medica empowers providers with its suite of health information exchange solutions. Its modular architecture allows healthcare organizations to deploy the entire clinical integration platform known as the Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) or to selectively deploy individual applications including Path4, Inpatient4 , Lab4 , Imaging4 , and Meds4.