Why 4medica?
Connectivity Across Care Continuum
4medica's health information exchange solutions enables physicians, hospitals, health systems and other care delivery organizations to achieve the key objective of meaningful use : To use health connectivity technology to provide high quality, connected care at lower costs.

Modular Solution
Built upon a modular architecture, 4medica's clinical data exchange solutions can be deployed via the comprehensive Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) platform or as individual applications including Imaging4, Inpatient4, Lab4, Meds4, and Path4 .

Cost-effective Clinical Data Exchange
When it comes to clinical integration, many organizations are constrained by limited financial and staff resources. With 4medica's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, providers can quickly attain basic or advanced levels of health information exchange without costly hardware or time-consuming client-server software deployments.
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